The Art of Positive Leadership 


Whispher of Power

The power of images - politics as visual stories


"Whispers of Power" are chalk drawings on large black blackboards.

They use film stills from the series "House of Cards" and transform them. What interested me in the project was how power, as a phenomenon in all its dimensions, is communicated through images, can be experienced in its effectiveness and ultimately manifests itself. When the protagonist Francis, who later becomes president in the series, turns his face towards the audience and explains the tactics he is using down to the very last detail, this moment creates reality for the viewer.

We sense how we become part of the story and somehow also allies.  The selection of film stills that I selected for the drawing series radiate scene after scene of irritation and uncertainty. Carefully composed, they look like pictures from art history that capture decisive moments in contemporary history.
The captions I chose, quotes from Shakespeare's Macbeth drama, set the drawings in an ambivalent tension - image and text rub against each other, irritate each other and thus keep the works in limbo. They give the story of power an unsettling quality. At the same time, we feel reminded of something old, but more topical than ever.