The Art of Positive Leadership 




Install - Burn - Transform

In the Inflammables project, I was looking for the effect of words and phrases, cultural milestones that are meaningful to me. I found them at the intersection of pop culture and philosophy.

Phrases such as: "WE ARE ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY" by US composer and musician Frank Zappa, "MAKE THE SECRETS PRODUCTIVE" by Joseph Beuys or "DIESSEITG BIN ICH GAR NICHT FASSBAR" by Paul Klee were the "source material" for the project.

I wanted to release and transform the energy of these sentences. To do this, I created large installations of matches on the wall of my studio. These were lit. The energy was released - an image of fire was created - the phrase was extinguished.

The quotations undergo two transformations. First, they are burned and then reborn from the ashes as large-format paintings.