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How can creativity become a driving force in our daily life?

This question runs through my work as artist, professor at business schools, consultant working with companies, and as author. The centre of my work is my studio in Berlin. From there I develop projects and programs that help people in companies and business schools to understand how to think and embody creativity better.

This involves, for example, thinking about how we need to rethink leadership, in the given complexity around us, and how companies can act with greater agility by integrating different ways of thinking in decision-making and so create an inspiring framework for cooperation.

I am convinced that designing the social space in which we work and live is becoming more and more a creative challenge. As an artist I deal with this approach in my projects. In my work with companies I help them to develop appropriate processes and structures for more creative collaboration, whether on issues such as strategic innovation, the development teams which can actively drive the innovation processes through creative methods or on how to initiate space for creative thinking from the top level of the organisation.

Whispers of Power: Das aktuelle Projekt

Is human interaction just a question of planning and plotting – a question Shakespeare was asking five hundred years ago. We are left with the question whether this might be even closer to the actual situation than we think it is!

The art project “Whispers of Power” deals with this question. I am interested to see how images combined with words create tension and ambiguity. Alongside a selection of film stills, turned into chalkboard drawings, the story of power will be told.

See more at the project's website here: whispersofpower

Reflexion – Vertiefung – Positionierung

Challenges and demands on organizations and leadership have changed fundamentally over the last few years: How do you successfully manage transitions and succession issues in companies?

How do you maintain proven and good traditions and still transform the company to be prepared for the future? And how does the role of young talent change in a volatile market environment?

Get the answers here (german only)
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