Art in corporate development

CEIBS Study Tour, Brand Building, September 13th
What can we learn from art for brand building? Since centuries artists are brand builders! This provocative statement was the leading motive for the CEIBS study tour on brand building, discussed with thirty-eight students, on that day. During the introduction lecture I talked about the British artist Damien Hirst. Known as the “bad boy of contemporary art” Hirst built his artistic work upon provocation. Rotten cow heads and sharks in glass tanks are standing out and trigger our boundaries and…
CEIBS Study Tour, Creativity and Innovation
What makes yourself a creative being and how do we work collectively in an innovation process, when creativity is most needed? I raised those two key questions, which led through the CEIBS Program on Saturday July 8th. Eighteen managers from China wanted to know more about ideas, methodology and impactful examples. The introduction lecture “creative leadership” raised questions around the mindset and attitude to boost innovation. Forget the manager – welcome to the conductor, facilitating the…
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